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Dr. Donald J. Guido

Dr. Guido earned his doctor of optometry degree in 1981 from the Illinois College of Optometry. While in school, he specialized in pediatric optometry. For three years, Dr. Guido worked in offices specializing in pediatric optometry, vision training, and eye surgery. Dr. Guido has been consulting and co-managing laser vision correction patients since 1995. He has remained in the same location and has retained a loyal patient base. He has also developed a successful primary eye care center and has attracted many new patients. His office offers comprehensive eye and vision examinations and a full range of vision care services, specializing in contact lenses and family vision care. Dr. Guido is certified to treat eye diseases including conjunctivitis, iritis, glaucoma, corneal ulcers, foreign body removal, dilation and irrigation of blocked drainage ducts. Dr. Guido is a member of the American Optometric and California Optometric associations and the Inland Empire Optometric Society.


Dr. Guido has received the American Optometric Association's Optometric Recognition Award for earning a minimum of 50 continuing education units annually. He is certified to treat eye diseases including glaucoma.


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